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"Are you tired of being in pain?"

Have you ever found yourself wondering if this is what happens when you get older, that pain is just unavoidable?

I know that’s what I thought before I started getting regular massage and began to learn how to take care of myself. In 2012 I was taking pain medi...

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Combination Massage

At Therapeutic Restoration Massage LLC, you can find a mix of Reiki healing and hands-on massage.

If you would like to schedule an appointment simply get in touch at 303-960-5728 or visit our website.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Therapeutic Restoration Mass...

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One of the first points of therapy in improving the overall health of anyone on my table is to gently open this joint and bring the hips into proper alignment and teach my clients very simple stretches to maintain the flexibility and “openness” of this most important joint.

At Therapeutic Rest...

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If I asked you to locate your Sacrum would you know immediately where that is?

You’re probably sitting on it right now!!! If you thought about it you would have to agree that you are either sitting on it or laying on it a good majority of your 24 hour day. Yes, the Sacrum is your tailbone but i...

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"Explore our The Primo Painbuster Package"

Get out of pain, restore postural integrity and extend your personal wellness with personalized one-on-one coaching from stretching, self-care, sleep, exercise, diet/probiotic gut health, at-home massage techniques, and much more.

Therapeutic Restorati...

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Not all people who suffer from back pain have APT and certainly, some cases are not this simple and require more massage therapy than others.

At Therapeutic Restoration Massage LLC we are just encouraging anyone who suffers from back pain to give massage therapy a try and have a conversation w...

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"Chronic low back pain?"

What is the number one cause of chronic low back pain? In my experience as a bodyworker I have found that most people that have low back pain because of a condition called Anterior Pelvic Tilt(ATP) which basically means their hips are tilted forward mostly due to spendin...

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Manual manipulation of soft tissue with the intention of restoring your body to maximum functionality. We offer a wide selection of styles and modalities including myofascial release, structural, injury, sports, deep tissue, trigger point, craniosacral, and Swedish massage. Each session is custom...

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2 months ago
I started going to Joel a little over a year ago. I came in for a massage, and left with so much more. After just one session, I knew that I wouldn’t be going anywhere else again for the healing of not only my body, but my mind and spirit as well. Joel is an incredible massage therapist and reiki master who has taught me so many things that have vastly improved my quality of life. Thanks to Joel, my body is happy and relaxed, and I have been given so many gifts that have opened my mind and spirit to an infinite amount of possibilities I didn’t know were available. He truly has been blessed with the gift of healing and I highly recommend him to any and everyone! Thank you Joel for all you’ve done and continue to do! 😁
- Wendy C
2 months ago
Joel’s hands are insightful in finding trouble areas that need massage, and working efficiently and with great result! I was pleasantly surprised, and felt better for days afterwards. I find him to be personable and a good listener as to what is needing help. Have been to many massage therapists over time, and Joel is my preferred massage maestro. Highly recommended.
- Brice T
3 months ago
Joel is a great massage therapist but beyond that he has been able to learn other modalities of this healing art. I've have a lot of massages in my life and he by far has exceeded any of my past therapists. He's concerned about a clients health including body, mind and soul. Because of his talent, he can guide the treatment to help you wherever possible in a safe, clean and relaxing environment.
- Dana H

About us

Therapeutic Massage

Manual manipulation of soft tissue with the intention of restoring your body to maximum functionality. We offer a wide selection of styles and modalities including myofascial release, structural, injury, sports, deep tissue, trigger point, craniosacral, and Swedish massage. Each session is customized for your specific needs and preferences.

Reiki Energy Healing

Hands on healing touch performed with a light touch. This is an ancient form of healing. Benefits range from deep relaxation to profound inner transformation.

Combination Massage

A mix of Reiki healing and hands on massage.

Reiki Certification Classes

Have you been looking to bring playfulness, intimacy, health and joy into your relationships? Does the idea of having access to a daily massage with someone you care about sound totally amazing? Does the idea of bringing a deeper quality of freedom, fulfillment and care in your relationships sound awesome. At Therapeutic Restoration Massage we are offering therapeutic massage classes for partners. Ideal for duos who are interested in learning the art of giving and receiving healing massage. Grab your partner, spouse, friend, neighbor or anyone who loves massage like you do and join us in an interactive group setting.

Partners Massage class 101-(5 hours) Learn some basic anatomy, get some practice giving and receiving massage and receive specific one-on-one coaching designed to empower you and your partner in addressing your personal chronic injuries or areas of interest. You will also be taught techniques and skills and practices to allow you both to massage each other for long term proactive health. Gain agility in navigating possible common breakdowns and barriers that arise from a unique partnered commitment of giving and receiving massage.

By class end you will:

  1. Be present to the distinction of intention.
  2. Be skilled in a number of beginner massage techniques.
  3. Know some cool quick (therapeutic) massage party tricks.
  4. Be present to the importance of CLEAR communication as it pertains to touch.
  5. Be able to help massage your partner skillfully in two bodily areas of interest(therapeutic).
  6. Have the skills necessary to be able to trade massage with your partner on a regular basis.
Advanced Partners Class-(5 hours, Partners 101 as prerequisite) A deeper look into the experience of partnered massage in action that includes advanced massage techniques, fine tuning of sessions to meet desired results for both partners and an open discussion of experienced accomplishments and breakdowns. This class is designed for those partners with a desire to gain even MORE pleasure and healing from each other through a commitment to trade massage several days a week.

By class end you will:

  1. Know what it will take to commit to a massage trade with your partner 4-7 days a week.
  2. Be refined in beginner massage techniques
  3. Have been introduced to some advanced massage techniques.
  4. Have participated in what is possible through regular massage with your partner!!!
  5. Be inspired by the potential of how incredible you could function and feel with daily massage being a given in your life.
  6. Have a plan of action to accomplish the goals you create with your partner.

Therapeutic Restoration Massage LLC2323 S Troy St Bldg. 3 Suite 108
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 960-5728

The best massage therapist in Aurora is Therapeutic Restoration Massage and they serve the following areas of Aurora, CO:

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  • Aurora Highlands, CO, USA

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